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The summer timetable 2019 is currently in effect!

The current  timetables for scheduled and charter flights are available here for download!

Please note that on public holidays schedule changes may occur. Please contact your travel agency or the airline directly for further information regarding possible changes.
For bookings and ticket information of scheduled flights refer to a travel agency or the respective airline. Charter flights can exclusively be booked in a travel agency.

All information provided in our timetables are subject to change.


Innsbruck Airport handles round 50 different airlines a year. Apart from numerous international airlines, Innsbruck Airport is also served by one so-called home carriers: Austrian Airlines (formerly Tyrolean Airways).

Logo Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines AG

Office Park 2, Postfach 100

1300  Wien-Flughafen

Logo_British Airways

British Airways

British Airways Plc

PO Box 286118

28361  Bremen


Tel: +43 1 7956 7222

Fax: +49 421 5575 516



easyJet Airline Company Limited





01053  Finnair


Logo_Fly Tyrol

Fly Tyrol

ABC Bedarfsflug GmbH

Fürstenweg 176

6020  Innsbruck

Tel: +43 512 263040

Fax: +43 512 295530-1798

Logo Lufthansa


Lufthansa AG

Von-Gablenz-Strasse 2-6

50679  Köln


Logo Transavia



Postbus 7777

1118 ZM  Schiphol Airport


Logo Tyrolean Jet Services

Tyrolean Jet Services

Tyrolean Jet Services

Fürstenweg 180

6020  Innsbruck

Tel: +43 512 22577-0

Fax: +43 512 2257721

Logo Tyrol Air Ambulance

Tyrol Air Ambulance


Fürstenweg 180

6020  Innsbruck

Tel: +43 512 22422

Fax: +43 512 288888

Tour operator

Should you require a catalogue or want to book your holiday, please contact the tour operator or your local travel agent directly.

Logo Idealtours

Reisebüro Idealtours

Reisebüro Idealtours GmbH

Marktstrasse 6b

6230  Brixlegg

Logo TLR

TUI – das Reisebüro

TUI – das Reisebüro

Boznerplatz 7

6020  Innsbruck

Logo_aveo tours

aveo tours

aveo tours der AT Touristik GmbH

Silbergasse 21

39100  Bozen


Logo_Bayerisches Pilgerbüro

Bayerisches Pilgerbüro

Bayerisches Pilgerbüro e.V.

Dachauer Str. 9

80335  München


Logo Christophorus Reisen

Christophorus Reisen

Christophorus Reisen

Eckartau 2

6290  Mayrhofen

Logo FTI


FTI Touristik GmbH

Bäckermühlweg 59

4030  Linz

Logo Gruber Reisen

Gruber Reisen

Gruber Touristik GmbH

Puchstraße 176

8055  Graz

Logo Inghams

Inghams Travel

Inghams Operating Office

Eduard-Bodem-Gasse 3

6020  Innsbruck

Logo Stoll Reisen

Stoll Reisen

Stoll Reisen International

Am Steinerbach 19

6303  Söll


Thomson and Crystal


Schmiedweg 6

6380  St. Johann

Logo Travel Europe

Travel Europe

Travel Europe

Unterdorf 37a

6135  Stans

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